Able Building Inspections Pty Ltd is the most complete and trusted inspection available. Our professional inspectors methodically inspect each component of the property in accordance with Australian Standards
to ensure you piece of mind. Our in depth and easy to read Building Reports are provided within 24 hours.
We check:

Standard Building Inspection Report

  • Exterior of Structure.
  • Walls, exterior finishes, timber/steel frames and structures, exterior cladding, window flashings, mouldings and sills, chimneys, stairs, balconies, verandas, patios, decks, suspended-concrete floors, pergolas.
  • Interior of Structure.
  • Ceilings, cornices, walls, floors, windows, doors and frames, kitchen, bench tops, sinks, taps, laundry, floors, tubs, cabinets, bathroom, toilet cistern and pan, bathtub, shower, vanity, washbasin, ventilation, smoke detectors.
  • Roof Exterior.
  • Roofing, Skylights, vents, flues, valleys, guttering and down pipes, eaves.
  • Roof Interior.
  • Roof framing, roof covering, insulation, sarking, party walls.
  • Sub-Floor Space.
  • Bearers, joists, timber framing, piers, stumps, dampness and damp damage, drainage, ventilation, cracked or leaking pipes, debris.
  • External Building.
  • Car port, garage, external structures, ablution facilities, sheds, retaining walls, driveways, paths, steps, fences, surface.
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Hand Over Inspections

  • New dwellings or buildings may be checked for construction method and adequacy but may not cover items of quality and finish.
  • We are able to inspect the freshly completed buildings for quality of finish and provide a list of items with photos
    that may require repair, adjustment or finishing.
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Pest Inspections

  • Pest Inspections are usually a choice of most potential purchasers along with the Building Inspection. We have a number of quality Pest Inspection Companies who we work along side for this service. These all are licensed and insured and have many years Pest experience.
  • The Pest Inspectors are usually on site at the same time as the Building Inspector.
  • Their reports will be sent separately to our Building report so you have two reports from two separate persons of experience.
  • The methods currently offered in the Pest area by these companies extend to tools or equipment such as; moisture meters, Termitrack, Microwave motion detectors, Infra-red Cameras, detect moisture or temperature changes inside walls. See-Snake or Borer-Scope to look inside walls for signs of termites or termite damage. (special permission for this is required from the current owner)
  • These Pest Inspections are a valuable asset in detecting damage and potential expense to the proposed purchase or building.
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Dilapidation reports

  • The current state of buildings is required to be documented often by persons who may have buildings that could be affected by construction or equipment operating close by to existing buildings.
  • Things such as vibrating rollers, blasting or explosive operations, excavation of grounds nearby all may have potential in harming the existing buildings or dwellings.
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