Able Building Inspections Pty Ltd is the most complete and trusted Building and Pest Inspection Sunshine Coast service available. Our professional inspectors methodically inspect each component of the property in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure you piece of mind. Our in depth and easy to read Building Reports are provided within 24 hours.

Independent Building Inspector Brisbane

Alleviate the constant thoughts running through your mind about the integrity and overall stability of your structure. Whether you have recently purchased a home, selling on in the near future or even own a commercial building; Able Building Inspection’s independent building inspector Brisbane is here to provide you with comprehensive analysis and reporting of your building. With a core team that is devoted to their job and expert analysis teams that assist, we administer exceptional building inspections to clients in the Brisbane region.


Client satisfaction is seldom appreciated by major companies involved in building inspections, however here at Able Building Inspection we take it seriously. Our 20+ year track record proves why we value all clients and ensure that their structures have been analysed with perfection and precision. Our on-site independent building inspector Brisbane will run a plethora of tests and technological assessments to evaluate the fluidity and stability of your new home, building or commercial structure with care and efficiency. Not only do we administer exceptional pest inspection and building inspection services, our independent building inspector Brisbane will educate you and run through all the reports in detail and explain all the flaws and dysfunctions noted. This is our commitment to you and we ensure client satisfaction is always met.


Reap the benefits of an accurate, efficient and spot-on inspection of your building. Get rid of pests and stop them before they become a nuisance and cause additional structural damage. Our independent building inspector Brisbane will arrive promptly to your premises and provide you with a reasonable and personalised quote on our inspection services. For more information on how we can assist you and offer you a building and pest inspection service situated in Brisbane, contact us today!


Independent Building Inspector Brisbane
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